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In 1996, Bobby Ellison bought his first new vehicle. It was a 350 Ford Pickup Truck; bright red, built to last and tough enough to work as hard as Bobby did. Today, this truck still drives the roads of Sunset Bay, still bright red and ready to work as hard as Bobby does.

Throughout the years, this Big Red Truck has become an icon in the Sunset Bay Community. It represents the helping hand of a trusted neighbor and the hard working ethics of someone born and raised in the Norris community. It stands for a relationship that goes far beyond real estate, and a promise to always be there when you need it.

Our Big Red Truck Approved items are founded on this same philosophy. They are the people, places and products that we have come to trust and would recommend to our friends, family and neighbors. These items are a resource for the community, for our community, just as the Big Red Truck has been throughout the years.

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